The QuickLoader will revolutionize the trucking industry.  As the driver shortage continues, smart companies will be looking for ways to protect their investment in drivers.  Reducing injury will be a necessary strategy.

In addition to it's autmotated strap throwing action, the QuickLoader comes equipped with a plethora of driver safety and load securement tools including a height sticks and corner guard placer.

Goal: Take an OEM manufacturer of telescopic tubing solutions and create a proprietary, innovative, branded product line capable of penetrating a range of demographics.

R & D:  Upsilon.Tech had an amazing engineering team, but no market intellegience about what types of solutions they could produce.

  • Identify a market where Upsilon.Tech's manufacturing expertise would be a key advantage
  • Identify strategic problems that Upsilon.Tech was uniquely qualified to solve
  • Product & Design consultation

Prototype:  Managed multiple product development cycles for multiple product lines.

  • Managed multiple sample productions
  • Multiple Sample Field testing
  • User Surveys

Sales:  While doing field research, we established potential distribution channels for the final product.

  • Pre-establish offline distribution outlets
  • Set up online and eCommerce channels