SECURE has revolutionized transporting vehicles.  

The SuperRatchet product lines allow anyone to use safe, simple, industrial grade solution to protect their cars, UTVs, and motorcycles during transit.

The SuperBag product line is revolutionizing how users carry, organize and store virtually anything by replacing cardboard, plastic and other non-environmentally conscious options.

Goal: Establish a revolutionary model that maintains a 100% markup wholesale price across all product lines.

R & D:  The key to SECURE's strategy was to work directly with industry insiders to develop high-value products that either function across a range of applications or solve a market need that has been ignored.

  • Liaise between factory and product testers/users
  • Continually developing of product lines


  • Managed multiple sample productions


  • Import and manage inventory
  • Shipping/Receiving


  • Commercial/Residential Delivery
  • Returns


  • Establish offline distribution outlets
  • Manage online and eCommerce sales
  • Pre-sale