Brands We Work With

OEM Metal Factory Revolutionizes US Trucking Industry

Truck drivers experience more injuries than any other profession in the United States.  We worked with Upslion.Tech to revolutionize how truckers secure loads while both reducing injuries and increasing productivity.

Revolutionizing the Cargo Securement Industry

For months, we spent time working NASCAR racers, Lucas Oil racers and recreational drivers to discover what improvements could be made to the common ratchet strap, something they use everyday.  The resulting SuperRatchet revolutionized cargo securement for both industrial and commercial applications.

Air step Creates Revolutionary Athletic Sock

Air steps are the most advanced athletic socks available.  Our cutting-edge technologies provide high-performance athletes the support, cooling and breathing
systems they need to maintain optimum performance for both practice and game day.

AnyStrike Mitts Revolutionize
Combat Gear

The most revolutionary innovation ever in combat sports training equipment, the AnyStrike double-sided striking mitt represents the pinnacle professional punching mitts; an essential piece of training equipment for any boxer, MMA or combat sports athlete.

Safety Gloves revolutionize Security Industry 

HANDLANDY brand puts safety-first: cut-level 5 and impact-resistant glove for heavy industry and a safety glove for mechanics and DIYers guarantee maximum security to your hands during all heavy works.