A Next-Level Business Management Company

MFG Revolution will take your manufacturing business to the Next Level!

Our Philosophy

We believe that both manufacturers and consumers are best served when there is a direct line connecting them with the homes of their users.

So, we partner with the best factories in the world to invent new products or modify existing products that fill technological gaps in industries that fall into the following core areas:  Science & Industry, Sports & Fitness and Home & Outdoor.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect the supply chain from factory floor to individual consumer through the in-house use of cutting edge technologies such as 3D printing/additive manufacturing, giving our customers the power to create or customize any product they desire for home or work.

What We Do

We work directly with manufacturers to bridge technological gaps arising from middlemen/platforms, which prevent factories from understanding the needs of their users, thus making it impossible to create new products and help users more effectively accomplish their goals.

Once we have identified an under-served market niche, we work hand in hand with manufacturers to seize the opportunity by cooperatively developing a product line, establishing a brand and fast-tracking the finished product directly to North American consumers and corporate clients via pre-established sales channels in our core areas.